Jenna and Jemma are two Mothers who have come together to solve a problem that they both experienced during there own postpartum journeys -being able to put their hands on the best food during their postpartum journeys.

It was a fortuitous meeting during a Mothers group gathering where they connected as Mums relocating from Sydney to the Central Coast and needing that much needed support when raising a young family, both Jen and Jem had just had their 2nd babies without any family support close by.  It wasn't straight away that Meals4Mummas was born but through a friendship and again supporting one another through the pregnancy and birth of babies #3 that this vision began to take shape. Both grew up in Kiwiland and have Australian roots with both their Fathers coming from the land of Oz and come from a family of 3 girls.



Jenna is a birth, postpartum and end of life doula and runs The Seed Collective, a holistic well-being consultancy specialising in in-home support services when going through a life transition.  It has been throughout her experience of working with families that her love and passion for the postpartum space really took shape and of course her own very different experiences for each postpartum and the complexities that come with the adjustment period with more babies but then who is caring for the Mother when there is so many other little people that need to be cared for?  Jenna has studied nutrition for fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum  and uses all of this knowledge along with combining various traditional postpartum methods and foods into designing the menu for Meals 4 Mummas. Jenna has made it her mission to educate and share knowledge on what the postpartum period brings and how to optimise healing, bonding and breastfeeding after giving birth. Jenna is married to Allister who grew up in Country, NSW before attending boarding school in Sydney and together they have Willow, Riley and Micah.


Jemma is an interior decorator by trade and worked in the Eastern Suburbs in Sydney for many years before deciding to relocate to the Central Coast with her husband Jordi, who is originally from Barcelona and their then only daughter, Alba.  Looking for more work- life balance the Central Coast seemed an obvious choice, still being close enough to the big smoke for easy access when her Kiwi and Catalan family come to visit. Jem now has 3 girls of her own, Alba, Vida and Rio - and with her postpartum experiences varying greatly and not knowing what to expect let alone being ready and able to receive the care that a new Mum needs from her relatives was a bit overwhelming.  Fast forward to now having three daughters and knowing the importance of going slow, eating a postpartum diet and learning to receive the offers of support and care from friends and family - Jemma wants every woman to know her worth and how to plan & prepare to have a postpartum journey that will support you in ways that you never knew you would need until you are experiencing it.


Meals 4 Mummas is a service that takes the thinking out of where your next meal is coming from and not reaching for just anything which in itself mucks with your head if you are not having nutritious and nourishing foods.  At Meals 4 Mummas we have gone one step further to not only cover off the above but also with the Ayurvedic principles of supporting the digestion of a newborn Mother.


Is made with love on the Central Coast, NSW. Where we can, we use organic produce and make our own bone broths, vegetable stock and ghee from scratch.  We source our produce from local farmers at Mangrove Mountain, NSW.

We care about what goes into our Mummas bodies.  Our packaging is recyclable and BPA free.


Ayurveda considers not just what is nutritious but was is digestible and sustainable. This is the first principle of ayurveda.  If you are eating nutritious food but are unable to digest what you are eating it is not benefiting you.



"When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. 

When diet is correct, medicine is of no need".

Ayruvedic Proverb