A Mother’s Love

Those early mornings no one is around to see the juggle that goes on;

Those all nighters that have your eyes stinging and throat hurting from the lump you try to hold inside as the exhaustion and overwhelm bring you to your edge;

That pain in your neck, shoulder or back as your sleep in bed with your little one in a position that an acrobat would applaud you for but your chiro curse you for!!

The endless kisses on boo boos, pats on the forehead, commando rolling out of the room, yelling to brush their teeth,

put that down, you know how you feel like we are turning into our own Mother! and then you hear it...

The first I love you Mumma, thank you Mumma, the big smiles, endless laughs and storytelling, when you see them master something...

You are doing it Mumma.

The most important role in the world,

raising our little ones.

Doing the yards on the training field that no one will ever see or acknowledge (most likely) so your little one can be ready for life and have love in their hearts and tools ready to use in this big world where challenges unseen lay ahead.

Your doing it Mumma.

We see you ♥️♥️

Written in the early hours of the morning while this Mumma lay in bed with her little ones while they sleep and she cant.. then this beautiful message comes through that she must share with her community of Mummas 💕

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