Food is Medicine : What your postpartum diet should include.

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

You've heard it before but the reality is the quality and type of food we eat is so important to our health but equally so is the food we eat during our postpartum. It can either set us up for the journey ahead or put us in a place of postpartum depletion/deficit where you feel like you are always playing catch up.

You know how people say don't go to the grocery store hungry cause you will buy what you don't need and reach for things that will be immediately satisfying but they leave you feeling sluggish and bad about your decision and ultimately yourself?

When I had my first child I thought I had a good grasp on nutrition and eating well but I had no understanding of what a postpartum diet should include or anyone share any wisdom or traditions around #postpartum healing. Upon reflection now that my life purpose is wrapped up in babies, postpartum support and creating delicious and nutritious #Meals4Mummas. I recall my Grandmother (who had 9 children btw) always having a pot of #broth on the stove top and never wasting any part of what she was cooking. I always thought it was because she didn't like to waste food but it was more than that. She knew inherently that everything she ate had a purpose and simply put, allowed her to birth 9 children and have vitality. It is no mistake that I am here doing this work.

Your Postpartum Diet

Your body has been through the biggest transformation known to man, no other life event is comparable to giving birth - in the rate we go from holding a baby in utero with the increased heat and water and fluid to birthing our baby and having a large expanse or air and cold now enter our body. Healing and foods that can support that is so important so you can move through your postpartum period knowing you are not just fueling your body for now but laying the foundation for years to come.

Whilst our meals largely focused on a Ayurveda methodology you will find if you delve into ancient traditional food for postpartum healing you will find they all have a similar way in preparing food for a #newbornmother.

The food you eat now should be rebuilding, fortifying and focusing on ease of digestion. To keep it simple all foods should be slow cooked, soft, warm and with a lot of spice and sweetness - but good sweetness so we are talking rapadura or coconut sugar, maple syrup, honey to add to congees, smoothies (served at room temperature)& rice puddings.

Putting your hands on the snacks and meals that you know are going to support your healing after birth, your breastfeeding/feeding journey, bonding with baby and adjustment period for the entire family gives you a HUGE SENSE OF PEACE AND EASE in a time of your life where that is exactly how you should be feeling.

Recommendations to set up your postpartum kitchen.

  • Pre make your bone broths

  • Research your favorite soup recipes

  • Set up a weekly grocery delivery of organic vegetables

  • Have access to a water filter - quality of water is very important

  • Stock up on spices and herbs for cooking

  • Ask close friends and family to make you a meal and give them a recipe to work off

A little planning will go a long way but if you want to know that the food you are eating is perfect for your postpartum journey then seek out a #mealdelivery service like #meals4mummas that can cater to your needs to take the burden of thinking about what to eat and get you back to focusing on your newborn and the precious time that your postpartum is.

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