That first meal after giving birth is often given a lot of thought...

but not for the reasons of replenishment and nourishment but more from a moorish, deprived place of all the things you couldn't eat and drink while pregnant. Our western society doesn't openly talk about the needs of a postpartum woman although I am glad to say that this is slowly changing.

There is no mistaking that you have made the biggest sacrifice to grow your baby. You take supplements, reduce caffeine, cease drinking and remove different food types that are not recommended for a pregnant Mumma. All to grow a healthy & strong baby but what about you Mumma?

What does your body need after going through the biggest physical transformation you will ever experience?

What type of recovery is needed to get you back to a place of wellbeing?

What are the first and most important things to bring into your postpartum period?

What will support your system with the demands of newborn life?

After giving birth your body changes dramatically - might seem obvious that you go from having a big, hard, hot belly to a soft, loose one with increased air and loss of fluid and heat in the body.

This is the first and most obvious change that requires attention to support the Mumma's physical healing and regain digestive fire (metabolism). Her ability to metabolize her food has diminished during pregnancy as every part of her abdomen is taken up with baby, her organs are squashed and the result is a sluggish digestive system, couple this with the loss of heat in her body which needs to be bought back in and the picture is painted of what she needs to eat and drink immediately after birth to not only support her system but make her feel good as her system wont be shocked by eating hard to break down food (cold, processed, raw foods). Easy in means easy out, and that should really be the focus for what your first meal after giving birth should be.

So here are the key things to include in that first meal:

  1. Have warm, slow cooked, sweet and oily meal (good fats eg. ghee, coconut oil)

  2. Nothing cold, frozen, processed or raw. This will shock your system and have you feeling very uncomfortable afterwards.

  3. Warm teas, milks, water only at room temperature but get a nice warm cup of herbal tea into you as soon as possible.

  4. If you have had a c-section including a lemon and chlorophyll drink to help flush through anesthetic and drugs in your system that can constipate you will help you with this.

So while that burger you haven't had for months may be at the top of your list just know that you will be able to have it soon enough but the way you treat your body after you have given birth is just as if not as important as the things you did for it while you were pregnant. The below quote sums it up perfectly.

“After birth there’s a sacred window of time. A time for complete rejuvenation of a woman’s physical, mental and spiritual health. A time for deep, extended bonding with her newborn. The first 42 days after birth set the stage for her next 42 years.” Ysha Oakes - Ayurvedic doula and Postpartum Educator

To learn more about this sacred window of time and how to prepare for your precious postpartum please register to save your spot at our free online postpartum planning evenings.

If you are looking for a meal package that will hit the spot immediately after you give birth, our 3 day postpartum pack is a good place to start. We can deliver it when you are 38 weeks pregnant and put it in your freezer and simply put the meals in an eski to take to the hospital or for easy access if you are planning to have your baby at home.

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