What does digestive fire even mean?

Ayurveda is a ancient health science with over 5000 years of wisdom to its merits. It is through Ayurveda that we learn about our specific bio-characteristics that make us well us. You may have heard of dosha's which is the combination of characteristics that we have which determine what we do and don't like.

How is this relevant to my postpartum recovery? Once a woman gives birth she has lost heat and fluid from her body. This happens to every woman regardless of how she births her baby. This gives every woman the same ayurvedic baseline if you like on her bio-characteristics. To restore balance by bringing heat back into the body, reducing gas and inflammation along with nutrient dense blood building foods requires a specific meal plan to support the Mothers recovery after giving birth.

Digestive fire essentially is your metabolic function by being able to break down foods to get the nutritional value from the food you are ingesting. A woman who has just given birth has a sluggish digestive system from her internal organs being squashed, including her stomach to make room for her baby.

She has most likely not been able to enjoy full size meals for some time and certain foods would cause more reflux making her uncomfortable and eating becomes a chore instead of something to look forward to.

This sluggish digestive system needs a kick start - this is where digestive fire comes in. With the combination of eating specific foods/spices to bring the heat back into the body along with easily digestible foods that her body won't be stressed out by trying to breakdown, creates a beautiful synergy to restore balance in her body.

A women requires specific care after she has given birth and the food she has access to is an important part of her postpartum wellbeing.

Meals 4 Mummas takes an ayurvedic approach to our meal packages, no matter what stage of your postpartum you are at to ensure your energy requirements of life with a newborn are being met with the foods you are able to digest.

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