Kitchari is a traditional auyrevedic cleansing meal.  This clense is great to use if you feel you need a re-set to get your digestive fire going and increase your energy. Couple this clense with loads of water (add himalyan rock salt to a few glasses per day) to put you on the front food.  A great way to start off the spring season is with a brief kitchari cleanse. Kitchari is a light bean and rice dish that is the perfect digestive "reset" button. A few days of kitchari can make a person feel lighter, refreshed, and like they have more energy than during the heavy winter. 


Benefits of kitchari - reduces inflammation, gas. bloating, removes toxins and restores digestive balance.


For the postpartum Mumma - this meal is included in your weekly meal package but if you find yourself further down your postpartum or infact you are looking for a clense that will help you move some of the excess fluid and toxins that you are carrying - this is a gentle and effective clense. 


*Please consult your doctor before beginning any clense to ensure it is right for you.

Kitchari 3 day Cleanse

  • Mung dhal, basmati Rice, ghee, cumin seeds, corriander, tumeric, garlic, ginger, filtered water.

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