What is ayurveda and why are your meals based on these principals?

Jenna completed a ayurvedic postpartum doula course which sparked her interest in this healing modality. Ayurveda is a 5000 year old health system, it is a living science, one that has evolved to match the needs of the individuals it serves. The idea that we are not what we eat but what we digest is extremely important notion to consider in life but specifically speaking it resonates on all levels when talking about the postpartum womans recovery after birth. A woman requires specific foods to aid digestion after giving birth to help her heal and have energy for her recovery and breastfeeding journey. Our meals meet those requirements by - using ingredients that reduce inflammation - promote digestion - help eliminate gas/bloating - encourage milk supply - taste delicious and restore balance - bringing heat back into the body and hydration while elimating excess air.

What are some of the ingredients you use?

OUr meals are mainly vegetarian which works inlign with the ayrvedic principle of eating foods that are easily digestable. Animal protien is harder to digest, taking precious energy from the Mother. Our meals are warming and provide comfort. They have a vast variety of ingredients specific for a postpartum diet. Ghee has a strong presence in all of our cooking, used for its digestive and healing properties. Various spices are also included to encourage the desired effect. Ginger, Turmeric, Coriander powder, Garlic, Cinnamon just to name a few. Please chat with us if you would like more information on the nutritional benefits of the ingredients used.

I have special dietary requirements.  Can you cater to them?

Short answer is Yes. At Meals 4 Mummas we understand that every Mumma is unique. If you have specific dietary requirements please let us know. We are well accustomed with most types of requirements and will always do our best to cater to your needs.

I want to get the New Mumma in our life a gift voucher, how do I do that?

We really know how busy life can be for everybody. Sometimes providing the special Mumma to be in your life with the support that you want to can be a really hard task, made so much more difficult when you are looking after a family of your own. Our gift vouchers are a great option to present at a baby shower or Mother blessing. Head over to our shop and select gift voucher, you can select what denomination you wish you spend and head over to the check out. We will post you the voucher to present to the new Mumma in your life. Another great option is to purchase a meal package and have all the meals delivered to her, its a great surprise and one she doesnt have to organise herself.

How does the menu work?

Meals 4 Mummas provide a set menu based on the stage of postpartum our Mumma’s are at. This allows us to provide you with the specific nutritional support your body needs at any time throughout your postpartum. Our meals within the first 2 weeks tend to be entirely vegetarian, once again with the main focus being on easy digestion for our Mumma’s. As the weeks progress proteins can be added. In saying this though, please chat with us if you absolutely cannot live without your protein and we will discuss with you our “ slow cooked” options.
Our meal packages are as follows
- 3 -day Meal Package (with 24 -hour delivery available in Central Coast to your home or hospital room)
- Weekly Meal Package
- Snack Pack - Lactation Pack You can see what meals we make at the menu section of our website

What is in a weekly meal package?

Great question! You will have a specially curated menu based on where you are in your postpartum recovery. You will recieve approximately 20 serves across 5 different meal types to give you variation for the week, along with one of our breastfeeding chocolate brownies (we do a vegan version as well.)

What is in the lactation pack?

x1 650 gm bag of cinnamon and coconut lactation cookies x1 breastfeeding chocolate brownie (approx 6 serves) x1 bag with 7 bliss balls

What is in a snack pack?

x1 breastfeeding chocolate brownie x5 chia puddings x1 bay (7) bliss balls

How does delivery work?

Our meal packages can be ordered at any stage in your pregnancy. You can choose to have your meals delivered before or after your baby is born. Our meals are freezable.
If you live on the Central Coast our 3 - day meal package can be delivered straight to your hospital room or your home within the first 24 hours of your baby’s birth. We ask that you or your partner let us know you require your meals as soon as possible so that we can get them to you within the 24 - hour time frame.
3 -day meal packages can still be ordered for those Mumma’s not living on the Central Coast, however we encourage you to have them delivered before bubs is born to freeze and have on hand when you need them. A great option if you are going to stay in hospital for a few nights.
For all other meal packages, our delivery days are as follows. - Central Coast – Tuesday
- Newcastle –Friday
- Sydney - Thursday Please note these days can change and you will be notified with plenty of time.

Do I have to pay for delivery?

Yes, we want to get our meals to you as fresh as possible with great service, so we have our very own delivery driver to do just that. Our fees are as follows: $30 Sydney and Hunter Region $10-20 Central Coast

How do I redeem my gift voucher?

Follow these steps once you have selected your meal packages in the SHOP. 1. As you proceed to the checkout locate the promo code 2. On the back of your gift voucher is a written code 3. Enter that code in the promo code area 4. The amount of your gift voucher will be subtracted from your total bill

How soon do I need to order my meals?

You can order your meals well before you need them, all you need to do is fill in the 'when do I want my meals delivered?' section in the order form. If you have a specific date in mind, great! we will work to that. Obviously we don't always know when our baby's are going to arrive so you simply let us know when your babe(s) have arrived and we will prepare your order for the next delivery day in your area. You can notify us via email, which you will be provided with. Our order cut off is at 9pm on the Sunday evening for that following weeks delivery.